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Contactless Dining Experience App 

  • Save 2x time ⏳ by contactless reservations 

  • Search for available tables 🍽 in the restaurants real time 🚀

  • Avoid the physical menu 📜 using our contactless in-app menu 📱

  • Avoid the 💸  payment using our contactless online payment 💳 (coming soon)

  • Order like a VIP 👸🏻 at restaurant using our in-app order (coming soon)

  • Place your take away order & get notified 🔔 when food is ready (coming soon)

How  contactless dining works

Step 1: 

Download UTSeat app to see different restaurant tables available in real time.

Reserve your table by choosing the time and date.

Step 2: 

Scan the QR code to check-in at your booked table to see the menu in the app

Step 3: 

Order your favourite foods in the app. See the status of your order placed (coming soon)

Step 4: 

Request bill through the app & make payment online using debit card/credit card (coming soon)


App Screens